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The best advice our Dads ever gave us – plus our Father’s Day competition winner!

The best advice our Dads ever gave us – plus our Father’s Day competition winner!

It’s Father’s Day this weekend and since we’re still – yes STILL – in lockdown, Dads across the country are going to be making do with a bacon sarnie in bed instead of getting spoiled with a nice pub lunch or trip out. Because giving them a great big hug isn’t an option, I thought we should find a different way to help celebrate the nation’s Dads and everything they’ve taught us.

So, I ran a competition for you to share the best pieces of DADvice you’ve ever received. And, man oh man, your Dads have excelled themselves – we’ve had some absolute corkers! Some Dads have been dishing out practical tips, some have been sharing top advice to live by and others… well others may just be living on another planet!

I’ve collated them all into this DADvice bible – prepare to learn guys! Just remember, we take no responsibility for the consequences of you putting any of this advice into action...!

And make sure you read until the end where we’ll reveal the competition winner!

Julia and her dad, George.

Profound Dads

Some Dads have really impressed us with their deep insights – Oprah has nothing on these guys!

My Dad took me out for a pint on my 18th Birthday and he said to me "I still can't believe I'm a Dad." It was such a profound moment because I'd never seen such vulnerability in my Dad. And we talked about it. He said, "You never get used to it, you just get on with it." I realised that often we have this destination expectation. "When I get married, I'll feel like __________" or "once I've got that dream job, everything will fall into place and I'll feel ________". But I think through our conversation I realised that I'm never going to feel 'complete' or right, I just have to learn to live in the present and be grateful for every moment! - JC

“You can feel lonely, even if you are in Paris." – Joyce

"Cut your hawthorns when you see it" – basically, things are fleeting and if you wait too long you could miss your chance! I use it when weighing up whether to do something that might not come my way again. - Tricia

“Every point of refuge has its price.” - Lori

Helene and her Dad, Stephen.

Practical Dads

Others have shared their DIY knowledge, handy tips and reiterated the most sensible advice a Dad can give – what did Mum say?!

“When chopping onions, hold a chunk of bread between your teeth and it’ll stop the tears!” – Eleanor

“Always carry a spare fan belt for emergency breakdowns.” – Melanie [pictured below with her father at her passing out parade in the RAF, Feb 2003]

My Dad [Stephen, pictured left] always told me “measure twice, cut once” and it’s always been useful since – especially whilst recently renovating a house!– Helene

“Spend a little, save a little.” – Harry

“If you don't ask, you don't get!” – Lynsey

“Whatever you do Katherine, just don't get a credit card.” – Katherine

“Always wear a vest!” – Claire

Last week my 10-year-old daughter, in a strop, announced she was moving out. Dad checked her bag and found one pair of knickers and a wig (for TikTok videos obvs.) He then proceeded to give her a lecture on survival and the need to consider food, shelter etc. She didn’t get past the end of the drive before coming back in! – Rebbecca

Melanie and her dad at her passing out parade in the RAF, Feb 2003.

“There is no meal that ketchup doesn’t go with.” – Sophie

“When making a complaint about something: start with ‘I am hoping you can help me...’ and be nice.” - Nick

“Go and ask your Mother.” - Patsy

“Listen to your Mum.” - Kirby

Justine and her dad

Insightful dads

Some Dads have clearly learned a lot about people over the years and shared some helpful observations.

“There is a word, Chantelle that you will come across a lot through life; compromise” – Chantelle

“Don't be judgemental, but judge people’s characters well.” – Lucy

“Politeness costs nothing.” - Mary

“A worry shared, is a worry halved.– Lauren P

“Never go to bed on an argument.” We’d always make up and resolve before the end of the day. – Carla

“Better to be early than late, people’s time is precious.” – Wendy

"You've got to take the rough with the smooth." – Andrea

“Just be nice.” – Spencer

Naomi and her cheeky dad, Ray.

Cheeky Dads

And others clearly have a no bullshit approach to life!

“Be good. But if you can't be good, be careful.” - Jade F

My Dad had two catchphrases whilst my sister and I were growing up – “don’t be a doormat” and “boys are bastards!” – Lauren D

My Grandad was awesome: he loved to use Cockney rhyming slang, even though he was from Leicester! It took me until I was about 21 to realise what he meant by “mind that rocking horse!” when we were walking along the street. But the best piece of advice he ever gave me was “don’t be an arsehole all your life” – words to live by, I regularly say it to my 11-year-old daughter! – Jade

It was 1986, I was 16 years old and about to leave home to join the army. I was nervously excited but also sad about leaving home. I was hoping for some encouraging words from my Dad. So when he took me to one side, out of earshot of my Mum and siblings, I was anticipating some sage advice. He put his arm around my shoulder, squeezed me tight and said “If you put your dick in a donut, you’re gonna get jam on it,” then looked at me as though he’d just delivered the meaning of life.

I should have known better. After all, this was the son of my Nan who once told me, “When you put your washing out, you should always tie a knot in your jumpers to stop badgers wearing them.” - Hruss

“Assume everyone else on the road is an arsehole.” - Maria

My Dad always used to say, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight!” Consequently, I had to be home by 10.30pm till I got married! - D Johnstone

My Dad sadly died 6 months ago, and this will be my first Daddy's day without him. With a mouth like a filthy sailor, he would say to me in his Cockney drawl "Blondie, fuck 'em all. They're all c**ts." You probably can't use this in your marketing, but it's certainly made me feel a lot better on many occasions over the years! – Naomi [pictured above with her cheeky dad, Ray]

Tara and her dad Gareth

Positive Dads

Some Dads have brought a much-needed bit of positivity to the table and really warmed the cockles!

“It doesn’t matter what you do in life, as long as you’re the best at it.” My dad passed away in 2013 and I can still hear him telling me this.– Kayley

My Dad always said, “Things will always work out in the end, if they haven’t worked out, it ain’t the end.” This is unbelievably true as in 2017 he donated me a kidney to save my life. Unfortunately, the transplant failed after just a day, but two years later my Stepmum donated hers and now I’m living my life and fulfilling my dreams. It all worked out in the end. – Tara [pictured left with her dad, Gareth]

Whether it was an argument with your Mom or boyfriend, falling out with your bestie or being in trouble for breaking your curfew, no matter how big or small the problem, the only DADvice – and best DADvice I still live by – is “It’ll work out..... because it has to.” So now if I have a dilemma, problem or drama with life, the kids, hubby, anything... I remind myself “It’ll work out... because it has to,” and it grounds me. – Liz

“Not to see the problem, only to spend time on working out the solution, because everything has a solution (even if it’s ugly), then you can move on, put it behind you & stay positive.” – Justine

My dear old Dad always said, “there are always people worse off than you.” He was a month away from his 94th birthday when he died a couple of years ago. He had been on his own for almost 30 years after Mom died and never moaned; just carried on no matter what and lived his life under a mantra of “mustn’t grumble." – Jennifer

“It’ll be reyt.” (a true Yorkshire man). He sadly passed away 5 years ago but he lived by it, he was happy go lucky. We remind ourselves and say it now when things get a bit rough and smile. – Jo

“You can do whatever in the world you want to as long as you work hard and believe in yourself.” I say the same thing to both of my boys now. - Lee-ann

Eleanor's Dad and daughter. His advice was in the Practical Dads section but we thought this picture very much fitted the inexplicable for his position!

Inexplicable Dads!

Aaaand a few have shared some little gems that maybe we’ll understand better after a few glasses of wine….?!

“If you put a screwdriver in your belly button and turn it, your bum will fall off. So don't do it!” He also told me that “at midnight my toys came alive…” Luckily for him it didn't scare the shit outta me! - Winter

"You'll never lose your marbles if you keep them in a bag..." Still as true today as it was when uttered in 1995. - Luce

“Don't fiddle with your belly button or your legs will fall off!” I've been terrified to touch it ever since just in case. (I'm 38). – Laura

So, there you have it – top words of wisdom from the nation’s Dads! 

Do you feel like you’ve had your mind expanded?! I know I do!

And finally – drumroll please – the winner of our fab competition (picked at random by the paw-some staffie cross rescue dog, Fidget) is…

Huge thanks to Figet's owner, Alison, for allowing us to use Figet's great random selection skills! You can follow Fidget on Facebook.

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