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FREE UK Shipping over £30 | Shipping globally Mon-Fri
FREE UK Shipping over £30 | Shipping globally Mon-Fri
Christmas Shipping Dates
Christmas Shipping Dates

Hand Written Greeting Cards


We can hand-write your cards and send them direct to your recipient!

If you're anything like us, birthdays, anniversaries and other events are forever creeping up and whizzing on by! If you feel like you're always playing catch up, save some time by selecting our "hand-write and send direct" service for your next birthday or event. We are posting cards daily (Mon-Fri) through lockdown, and we're pleased to be helping people safely stay in touch in these uncertain times.

Hand written?

You betchya! In our absolute best hand writing possible! Simply visit the product page of the greeting card you wish to purchase, choose your sending option from the drop down menu and write your message in the box below.

How many words can I write?

The character limit for each greeting card is 280.

I want to send more than one hand-written card to different addresses. Can I do that?

Absolutely. At the checkout select the "Ship to multiple addresses" option where you'll be able to add a new address under each of your chosen cards. 

Please make sure your recipient will know who the card is from as it is posted to them without any other order details. Please also make sure your message adheres to our terms and conditions of personalisation. (basically, don't be a dick).

Our handwriting style:

handwritten card example

Do you want lots of cards writing?

We'd be happy to provide you with a quote for multiple cards. Please be aware that we cannot provide heavy discounts on this service. Handwriting cards is very labour intensive, and we pride ourselves on the neatness of our work. Bear in mind that each card will be at least £2.50 and the fee for handwriting will be at least £1.00 extra per card. Postage will be on top of this. We do not keep large stocks of cards so if you want something sending in time for, say, Christmas, early to mid November is the latest time to be thinking of getting in touch!

What our customers say about the service:


Did we answer your question?

Anything we've omitted? Any other questions please get in touch via our contact page or at


The efficiency of typing turned into a lovely hand-written card! Cool, eh?