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handwritten greeting card service
handwritten greeting card service
Shipping on Monday 15th July | Shipping globally Mon-Fri
Shipping on Monday 15th July | Shipping globally Mon-Fri
Shipping info
Shipping info

Handwritten Cards - How it works

Will a person actually hand-write my card?

Yes. Your card will be carefully hand-written by me, in black ink and my neatest joined-up writing. 

Where do I type my recipient's address?

At the checkout.

Is there a message length limit?

Yes, the character limit is 280. There is a character countdown when you begin typing your message so that you can see how many letters you have left.

Is there a cost for this service?

Yes, the handwritten fee is £2.00 per card on top of the cost of your card.

How do I order a handwritten card?

Once you've selected your card, click on the "sending options" box that appears near to your selected card. Pick your option from the drop down list. Type your message in the box that appears. Click the "add to cart" button

How does my card arrive when I select "Handwrite and Send Direct"?

When you select this option, we will personally handwrite your message in your chosen greeting card (the text box for writing your message appears on the page of your chosen card as soon as you select the option "handwrite and send direct"). We then attach the address sticker of your recipient to the front of the card's envelope and post it to your recipient by your chosen shipping method. No other information/invoices/notes are included with the card when you select this option. Just the card with your message handwritten inside. 

How does my card arrive when I select "Handwrite and Send to Me"?

When you select "handwrite and send to me" we will handwrite your greeting card for you, we will put the card in its envelope but leave the envelope unsealed (so you can check the message or enclose other items in the envelope when you receive it), and we will send the card back to you in an outer, board backed envelope along with one of our thank you notes.

Can you delay sending my card until a specific date?

Sadly not but we can write a message to your recipient on the envelope that says "Open me on [specified date]" If you'd like us to do this for you, please leave a message in the notes box at checkout and we will sort this for you at no extra cost. 

Can you write in different languages?

We will write your card in whatever language you choose! We have already written cards in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Finnish, Dutch and Welsh! Our limit is that it must be in the Roman Alphabet, we sadly don't have the time or skills for Hanzi, Cyrillic or excessive emoji's! 😂💩

I want to send several handwritten cards to multiple addresses, can I do that?

Absolutely. At the checkout select the "Ship to multiple addresses" option where you'll be able to add a new address under each of your chosen cards at checkout. 

Please make sure your recipient will know who the card is from as it is posted to them without any other order details, and please make sure that your message adheres to our terms and conditions of personalisation.

What does the writing look like?

 Something like this:

Handwriting example