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handwritten greeting card service
handwritten greeting card service
Shipping Mon-Fri | Order by 11am for same day despatch
Shipping Mon-Fri | Order by 11am for same day despatch
Shipping info
Shipping info

Handwritten Greeting Card Service

love the handwriting service - customer testimonial

We've personally written over 15,000 cards since our handwritten greeting card service began in 2018!

There are many reasons you might choose our handwritten card service. Perhaps you're short on time, hate writing cards, have messy writing or simply can't make it to the post box. Maybe you're sending a card to a loved one overseas and want to save some time and queueing at the post office.

Handwritten cards getting ready for posting!
How do I order a handwritten card?

I'm so glad you asked. Click here >> Here's how you can order your card, in six easy steps!

Do you really handwrite the messages?

Yes, with a pen and good old human handwriting skills! No computer fonts here! We're huge afficionados of snail mail, and keeping in touch, and we feel that nothing is more personal than a heartfelt handwritten message. Simply visit the product page of the greeting card you wish to purchase, choose your sending option from the drop down menu and write your message in the box that appears underneath.

Helping people stay in touch... from a distance!

Posting orders daily - through flood, drought and pandemics!

We post your handwritten card orders daily, Monday to Friday, and globally, even during lockdown, and we are happy to be a small part of helping people to stay in touch safely during these unprecedented times! We can even send your card Next Day Delivery when you choose this option and place your order before 11am on a weekday.

How many words can I write?

The character limit for each greeting card is 280. Don't worry about having to count your characters, there's a counter in the corner of the box that will show you how many letters you have left.

Is there a cost for this service?

Yes, it's £2.00 on top of the cost of your card for our handwritten service. We make every effort to write your card as beautifully as possible and, as you might imagine, this is not a process you can rush :)

handwritten with care

I want to send more than one handwritten card to different addresses. Can I do that?

Absolutely. At the checkout select the "Ship to multiple addresses" option where you'll be able to add a new address under each of your chosen cards. 

Please make sure your recipient will know who the card is from as it is posted to them without any other order details. Please also make sure your message adheres to our terms and conditions of personalisation. (basically, don't be a rotter).

Can you send cards abroad?

Yes! We can send handwritten cards anywhere in the world that has an address. Lots of our customers love to use our handwritten card service for loved-ones living overseas, it takes the hassle out of making sure you have the right stamp and waiting in the post office queue!

What does your handwriting look like?

It looks like a joyful riot of beautifully readable cursive penmanship in the best Parker-Jotter-handwriting we can muster! We always write in black biro, and we take our time to get your message perfect. If you make a small syntactical mistake in the writing we tend to correct it, if it's a larger mistake or we're not sure you meant to write what you did, we'll always contact you before writing your message. Here's a close up of some of Claire's writing:

 handwritten card


Can you write cards on behalf of my business?

Sure! We love to help out businesses! From 5 to 500 handwritten cards, if you'd like to take advantage of our handwriting skills we can draw up a personal quote for your business needs, simply fill in our Typeform and we'll get back to you within 48 hours!

Did we answer your question?

Anything we've omitted? Any other questions please get in touch via our contact page or at


The efficiency of typing turned into a lovely handwritten card!