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Shipping on Monday 15th July | Shipping globally Mon-Fri
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Oh bugger, I haven't done a blog post all year...

Oh bugger, I haven't done a blog post all year...

You know what it's like with blogs, right? You enter into the whole shebang with the highest of intentions, you're going to create content packed with intrigue, witty observations, sector appropriate key words, relevant, zeitgeisty shit and optimised-to-the-fricking-eyeballs for all those spider bots that search your site wondering if you're an authority on greeting cards and illustration, or just another ranty little internet nobody.


Then you blink for two seconds and it's 8 months down the line, and the last thing you wrote was a ranting outpouring of thinly veiled self pity about some KnobJockies that stole your website, and you begin to weep at your sad empty life and your blogging inconsistency and rack your brain for something to talk about.

Your mind begins to wander (yes, we're still doing this in the third person for now...) as you look around PancakeHQ, a title that you have bestowed upon the upstairs room in your house that contains your entire business that you've built up for the past 10 years. Okay okay, the room doesn't contain the *entire* business... there is of course wrapping paper and 9000 sweary pencils stashed under the bed in the master bedroom and a stash of flat-pack cardboard boxes under the other bed in the 'spare 'oom'. There's also some Swedish shoe storage boxes on the landing that currently houses all your prints. For yes, you have a ruddy degree in Stashing-stuff-where-stuff-cannot-physically-fit-in-a-three-bed-semi!

Okay. Time to cut the third person crap, because I need to tell you: I'm getting a new office and I'm unbelievably excited about it!!

"You're finally moving the business out of your home, Claire?"

"Er, no way! I really like my 20 second commute to work! What I've done is I've convinced my other half that we don't need a lounge anymore... and he's agreed!"

"But.... telly?" 

"Well, okay, we've decided we don't need a massive lounge (we have one of those pointless loooong lounges, that's forever been one of those spaces we don't know how to use properly) so we've made the dining room into our new "snug" lounge (in other words it fits two people and two cats... and who needs a dining room anyway, right?)

We're getting a "woman who can" in to design the new PancakeHQ (the lovely Sarah from Spruce Interiors), and she has an entourage of tradesmen to fit it all together for me. Moving into this room (hopefully by mid September) is literally going to be the very last step I can take before I have to bite the bullet and move my business out of the house altogether. I'm hoping that this new move, all the way downstairs, may buy me a couple more years of 20 second commutes!

Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for daily updates of the new office (if you like that sort of thing - personally I love noseying into other people's houses!) and let me know about the interesting ways you make *your* house space work for you!

Join me for the next, binge-worthy blog post in another 8 month's time! ;-)

Cheers for now!


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