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handwritten greeting card service
handwritten greeting card service
Shipping on Monday 15th July | Shipping globally Mon-Fri
Shipping on Monday 15th July | Shipping globally Mon-Fri
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Shipping info
I Pledge to Shop Small - Just A Card's Indie Week.

I Pledge to Shop Small - Just A Card's Indie Week.

I'm writing this right in the middle of Just A Card's Indie Week 2018. I have a streaming cold. My feet are on a hot water bottle and I have a veritable sea of used tissues surrounding me. I feel like partially warmed up poop. My eyes are stinging tired. So why, I hear you ask, am I at the keyboard at all? I should be in bed, dosed up on Vitamin C and chocolate, bingeing the latest Netflix has to offer and yet.... 

I'm so buzzed by the enthusiasm, creativity and support that I'm seeing across all my social media channels this week from my fellow independent business owners that I just had to put fingers to keyboard and join in the fervour!  It's the second year that Just A Card's Indie Week has taken place, and it culminates this Friday in the sensibly titled "Indie Friday", which just happens to coincide with a certain other event involving colours (or lack thereof...) and days of the week. In short, it's the independent business owner's answer to Black Friday, and we, for one, are proud to be a part of the Campaign and promote it from the rooftops!

Most of you who shop with us already know that, as a small creative business, every order means the world to us. As a micro business, we literally live by word of mouth and our customers are the sole reason we can keep going. Just A Card's Indie Week has played a vital role in helping us spread that message. So often, a trip to Amazon is the beginning and end of someone's seasonal shopping. Just A Card's Indie Week is striving to change these habits and attitudes and encourage people to shop local and shop independent.

Just A Card Logo - 2018 Indie Interpretation by Claire Senior

I like facts. Fact. Here's one for you: If each of us spent £100 a year more on local businesses instead of chain stores, it would put an extra £3million a year into our economy and it would create thousands more jobs every year. In short, let's forget about Black Friday and let's work together to celebrate small businesses in the run up to Christmas, and remind everyone to shop independent this year.

Don't forget to help us redress the balance for small and independent businesses this Friday 23rd November 2018. We want to remind everyone that shopping small is the way forward this Christmas! Retweet Just A Card's Tweetsand ours and help make this Christmas the best ever for small businesses everywhere!

Check out our participation in the 5 Day Instagram Just A Card Challenge here: The Curious Pancake's Instagram feed.

Thank you for spreading the word about @Justacard1 Thank you for helping us to thrive and thanks for supporting your local economy over the chain stores! You’re ace!

Some of our ace customer feedback:

"Curious Pancake has been my go to shop for card for a few years now. They have a particularly great selection of funny cards and cat related cards. My favourite thing is that every order comes with your own little doodle they draw for you which makes me smile. My order always comes really fast. I couldn't be more pleased!" - Isabel O'Brien

"I love to support small businesses and this is exactly why. The personal touches that came with my order made it a nice and easy, friendly transaction, I really felt valued as a customer. I paid for first class postage items arrived quickly and beautifully packaged and were of good quality. I had the cards handwritten and these were done with love and care. I like that the owner of this businesses is supporting lots of other small business too. I will definitely be shopping here again. 

Thank you Curious Pancake for a positive online shopping experience!" - Debra, Nottingham

"I have brought items for birthdays, Christmas and even have some of the sweary pencils. Fantastically different, quirky cards and gifts. Delivery was quick and great communication from Claire. Friendly lady and so happy to buy from here. Thank you :)" - Jade

Shop The Curious Pancake's awesome Christmas Cards here

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