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The start of a Pancake Forest! Trees for Life

The start of a Pancake Forest! Trees for Life

In March of this year I bought a grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands! This grove, which we will continue to donate towards is important to me, firstly because I love the Highlands with all my heart! My boyfriend and I did a trip around the entire "head" of Britain (on the route known as the North Coast 500) in 2017 and we saw some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever seen. Even Rivendell in Lord of the Rings would struggle to match the beauty of the Highlands. That's how perfect it is! 

The second reason why our grove is important is that, as a small business, I often feel that my hands are tied in terms of our ability to make environmentally sound choices. It means a lot to me to continue reducing our non-recyclable plastic waste, but I'm on a, seemingly endless, quest at the moment to find a place that will recycle the polypropylene plastic that most of our cards come wrapped in. I'm currently bottling it up and making EcoBricks! The Naked Card movement is gaining some traction in stores and with small independents, which gladdens my heart! If we manufactured all the cards we sold, it would be a no brainer as we would ditch plastic sleeves altogether! For the time being we have begun to request cards from our suppliers without the plastic sleeves, and for those that can't/won't we're working on them!!

And now for the positives! Although our funds for such things are not huge, I believe that every business (and indeed every person) can positively influence the impact they have on the planet. Planting this grove is my way of not just offsetting my business's carbon footprint but of investing in something naturally awesome and beautiful that future generations will hopefully benefit from.

You can see how the Pancake Grove is getting on here:

Want to donate a tree to the Pancake Grove? You can for just £6 here:

Like to learn a bit more about Trees for Life? Visit Trees for Life

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